Go Above and Beyond . . .

Here's why choosing Above and Beyond is one of the best entertainment decisions you can make:

Experience. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this site, you’ll find it EXTREMELY difficult to find a person that has the varied performance background that I have with my two decades as a disc jockey and MC.

Service. Ultimately it’s all about this when it comes right down to it. Nobody works with you more closely to fulfill your vision of the event. Very few competitors offer the level of detail that I bring to each and every event. At the same time I am not a "game-show host". I don't change my voice or style when I announce and the person you meet with beforehand is the person that shows up to your event. I am there throughout to make sure things are going the way you want. I am conscious of the sound levels and you will see me checking and monitoring the sound from start to finish. Its all about the little things and they add up to the big thing - your satisfaction.

Cost. I am very competitively priced and I don’t require you to commit to a specific amount of time. I tailor my performance to fit your schedule and you pay for what you need. There are no hidden charges like set-up, mileage fees, etc. I am aware that in this day and age, even small events add up to big costs so I work within your budget.

Reputation. This is something that does not come easily and requires a lengthy amount of time and positive feedback from guests, vendors and locations. I count on doing a great job every single event because my business depends on the best form of advertising there is...word of mouth from the people that have used my services and/or seen me in action. I have been successful in this area for over a decade because I have always gone beyond the expectations, delivered what I promised and been a consistent and a committed professional. Every single time.

These are just some of the reasons to go Above and Beyond. Let me know what your concerns are and they WILL be addressed. The only bad questions are the ones you DON'T ask when planning an event! (I try to cover those too though, so don’t worry.)

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